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iHam (Special and ONLY FOR HORECA)

Envelopes of 50 g of Spanish iberian Shoulder served in all Europe in just 24 hours once you make the purchase.


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Iberian ham 100% iberian bred acorn fed limited edition Castro & Gonzalez

You are facing a unique jewel of Nature, a piece of C&G 2010 Premium reserve Iberian acorn-fed ham. Ham of Iberian pork raised in freedom in the pastures of Guijuelo during the epoch of montanera from autumn 2009 to winter 2010.  These pigs have enjoyed an area of 1000 hectares where they have been able to exercise and feed from acorn and grass during two montaneras. 

Iberian ham acorn fed Castro & Gonzalez

This acorn-fed Iberian ham is recognized by its elongated shape and its dark and worn hoof, typical of specimens exercised in the field. It has an intense and brilliant colour with great presence of white streaks in its texture. In its tasting, an intense and persistent aroma is appreciated, touches of nuts and countryside are perceived, obtaining a juicy balance between the degree of salinity and the careful curing combined with a long and pleasant aftertaste which further defines the experience this masterpiece of nature provides the palate with.

Penaeus kerathurus - Langostino de Sánlucar

This native and unique spice can only be found in the Gulf of Cadiz areas. Is delicate, consistent and long-tasting. We highly recommend steam cooking it.    


Penaeus Longirostris/ Gamba Blanca Isla Cristina

This kind of White Shrimp can only be found in certain areas of the Atlantic. Nice and intense sweet sea flavor, the finest if steam cooked.   


Scarlet Prawn- Plesiopenaeus Edwardsianus

This enormous prawn is not only good for it’s size but also for it’s powerful taste and consistency, is perfect for plancha-grill with a hint of EV Olive Oil.   



Blue & Red Shrimp - Aristeus Antennatus

Large sized, this unique native shrimp “Gamba de Palamós”  from the deep waters of the S/W Mediterranean is one of the most desired seafood in the region. Intense and consistent, good for plancha-grilling and steam.

Norway Lobster - Nephrops Norvegicus

Large sized, consistent meats and elegant taste. Only the cold currents of the South-West Atlantic can give this magic result. Best if plancha-grilled.



Octopus Vulgaris - Pulpo de Nasa

This octopus is fished, normally between autumn and spring in the Gulf of Cadiz using the ancestral technique of the “alcatruz” (see image on the right).   

European Squid - Alloteuthis Subulata

This kind of squid is highly valued in Spanish gastronomy, it’s texture and almost sweet taste is incomparable. Best grilled.    

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna – Thunnus Thynnus

The West-Atlantic Bluefin Tunas are caught in April, just after they have been feeding in the cold waters of the North Atlantic the whole winter ; their bodies are plenty of the best fat. Rapidly after the catch, the experts at Gadira (commanded by Japanese Masters) fillet each piece to send them
immediately into ultra-freezing tunnels.

You will find this tuna cuts are the most tasty and gentle in palate you could imagine, magnificent for sashimi or tataki. 

Sheep Cheese D.O. Mancha “Marantona” 

The Araque family, elaborates a unique product, the result of two generations of tradition and hard work. The control of the process from the selection of the sheep to the last minute of ripening assures us the best results.Pressed-curd cheese made with raw-fresh sheep’s milk from purebred Manchega.

Available: Semi, Cured, Mature and “in Olive Oil” 

Fine Coupage

Delicate Coupage, result of two varieties of olives rich in oleic acid yield and natural antioxidants, this floral olive oil is intense flavored, gentle and dense.

Single Cornicabra


Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Denomination of Origin Montes de Toledo, made with olives of Cornicabra variety. Delicate and mild flavored. 

Saffron D.O. Mancha

Exclusively grown in the region of Castilla La Mancha, this unique native kind of Saffron is known to be the best for its production, harvesting and toasting.



Bee Honey from Mediterranean forests: Eucalyptus, Chestnuts, Lavender, Rosemary. Intense flavor with slightly salty hints and pleasant aroma